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Welcome to The Scholars. I hope the site will provide you with the information you need about Scholars and its educational programmes.

Scholars has developed into a large and thriving school over the last few years and is now entering into new ventures. We are continuing our journey, always striving to improve but retaining the atmosphere of a happy, productive school community, where all are welcome.

Academic Overview

Scholars is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board Of Secondary Education). The Scholar emphasize on experiential learning, collaboration, interdisciplinary education, analytical reasoning and logical understanding.

1000+ Students
200+ Teachers
10 Classes

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Admission Process

Admission to Scholars is open to all students, whether a foreign national or one of Indian nationality.

As Scholars maintains a very good teacher to student ratio (approximately 1:25), class sizes are restricted.

Our academic year is from April to March.

The threshold for admissions at the Pre-Nursery is three-year old. To maintain the unique character of Scholars, certain numbers of seats are kept reserved for admissions to various classes throughout the year.

Life at Scholars

  • Primary School
  • Secondary School

Well Planned Academics

The objective of the faculty dealing with classes is to capture each student’s attention, and conveying ideas effectively to create a lasting impression. Individual care of all the students is taken to ensure that the transition period of every child into adolescence is implemented through innovative ideas that make the classroom experience much more lovable for the students. New subjects and curriculum are introduced whereby, the students gain extensive knowledge and the required skill to meet challenges in higher classes. Emphasis is given on the three skills-reading, writing and speaking. To nurture a child’s mind and to ensure an all-round development of the child, a balance is maintained between academics and co-curricular activities.

  • Teaching -Learning Approach and Methodology
  • Classroom environment
  • Evaluation
  • Subjects
  • Co-Curricular Activities